Key performance IndicatorsQ4 2022 EFY 2022 E
Euro millions, unless otherwise stated pp = percentage points; cc = at constant currencies"  lowest - median - change over previous year - highest  lowest - median - change over previous year - highest 
Non-IFRS1) cloud subscription and
support revenue
36213463 (32.6%)
1278512627 (34.1%)
Non-IFRS1) software license and support revenue 3814
42523963 (-9.5%)
1431714028 (-4.3%)
Non-IFRS1) cloud & software revenue 7118
78037427 (6.3%)
2703326656 (10.7%)
Non-IFRS 1) operating profit 2431.06
27482579 (4.5%)
81998032 (-2.4%)
Non-IFRS 1) operating margin  28.4
3230.4 (-1.6%)
26.426.0 (-12.1%)
Non-IFRS 1) EPS (in Euro) 0.87
1.551.36 (-26.7%)
4.554.44 (-34.2%)
negative: 1, neutral: 4, positive: 15 (total: 20)
1) Non-IFRS Adjustments:
Adjustments in the revenue line items are for the support or cloud subscription and support revenue that an entity acquired by SAP would have recognized had it remained a standalone entity but that SAP is not permitted to recognize as revenue under IFRS as a result of business combination accounting rules.
Acquisition-related charges:
      Amortization expense/impairment charges of intangibles acquired in business combinations and certain standalone acquisitions of intellectual property (including purchased in-process research and development)
      Restructuring expense and settlement of pre-existing relationships incurred in connection with a business combination
      Acquisition related third-party costs
Discontinued Activities:
      Results of the discontinued operations that qualify as such under IFRS in all respects except that they do not represent a major line of business
Expenses relating to share-based compensation
Restructuring expenses
Please note that all estimates are in accordance with IFRS/non-IFRS accounting. For further information on our Non-IFRS measures:
This document has been issued by Vara Research GmbH for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute investment advice. It is based on estimates and forecasts of various analysts regarding revenues, earnings and business developments of the relevant company. The company did not participate in the compilation of the estimates and it does not endorse them. Such estimates and forecasts cannot be independently verified by reason of the subjective character. Vara Research GmbH gives no guarantee, representation or warranty and is not responsible or liable as to its accuracy and completeness.

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